Home Services

The house also has a share of our services; we have equipped a complete fleet with high-quality machines and a highly trained technical staff that provides the best quality standards for cleaning homes, from floors and ceramics to natural marble .

It is taken care of using special machines accompanied by circular bedding suitable for each type of floor, containing special cleaning materials, after which the floors are cleared with special and unique spaces to remove the remaining debris and dirt, accompanied by sterile materials to obtain a healthy and clean floor .

As for mattresses and sessions, they are dealt with according to each type to preserve them from any change in color or appearance by a specialized expert , Where each type is cleaned in different stages, starting with the use of a special brush containing cleaning materials and others, and passing through the final review, where stubborn particles are removed, and finally drying them, which makes them look better than they were .

In order to satisfy the desire of our valued customers who do not want to clean the carpet outside the house, we seek to provide our distinguished services and deliver them to him in his location to ensure the preservation of quality by passing the cleaning device on all parts of the carpet with great care to ensure that the cleaning materials reach the bottom .

Home curtains also receive great care in their place without the need to bring them to the cleaning centers, where they are cleaned with a special machine to remove dirt and other dirt, and this process is important and necessary to ensure the safety of the environment and in order to obtain a healthy atmosphere with clean air and a disease-free home, God willing .

Home Services in Riyadh 0555228220
Home Services in Qassim 0556927437
Home Services in Jeddah 0555711492
Home Services in Dammam 0580620228

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